The following rules apply in addition to the standard rules for track events.

  • In relay races the baton must be passed within the change-over zone. The passing of the baton is completed at
    the moment it is in the hand of the receiving runner only. Within the change-over zone it is only the position of
    the baton which is decisive and not the position of the body or limbs of the athlete.
  • If the baton is dropped during the event, the athlete who dropped it must be the one to recover it. If the
    wrong athlete retrieves the baton, the team will only be disqualified if a material advantage is gained. (Note
    that it is the Track Referee who makes this decision, so the yellow flag must be raised by the changeover
  • Athletes should remain in their lanes after changes. Wilful impeding leads to disqualification.
  • In events in which the first part of the race is run in lanes, athletes after completing this part, are free to take
    up any position on the track.
  • In proceeding from a heat to a final, the composition of a team cannot be altered except with the permission
    of the Meeting Manager, who shall grant approval only in the case of injury or illness.
  • The order of running can be changed between the heat and the final.
  • For the 4x100m event, members of a team, other than the first runner, may commence running not more than
    10m outside the take-over zone. This area is known as the acceleration zone and is denoted by a distinctive
  • For the 4x200m and Medley events, athletes must start from a stationary position wholly inside the changeover
    zone (ie not touching or beyond the lines that mark the change-over zone).
  • For changeovers that do not occur in lanes, the athletes should be marshalled to a position 1-2 metres forward
    of the start of the changeover to reduce the possibility of stepping back over the line.


• U9 to U11 4 x 100m 4 x 200m (Small batons, 32mm diameter)
• U12 to U17 4 x 100m 4 x 200m (Large batons, 38mm diameter)
• Mixed Medley (2x100m, 1x200m, 1x400m)