Disqualification will occur if the hurdles are deliberately knocked down with any part of the body or if an athlete trails any part of their leg in an adjoining lane.

Hurdles must not touch each other.

Hurdle standards are:

Age Distance Flights Height Run In Between Run Out
U7 – U9 B&G 60m 6 45cm 12m 7m 13m
U10/U11 B&G 60m 6 60cm 12m 7m 13m
U12 B&G 60m 6 68cm 12m 7m 13m
U13 B&G 80m 9 76cm 12m 7m 12m
U14G 80m 9 76cm 12m 7m 12m
U14B 90m 9 76cm 13m 8m 13m
U15G – 17G 90m 9 76m 13m 8m 13m
U15B – 17B 100m 10 76cm 13m 8.5m 10.5m