Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots is for ages 3-5 yrs. It is a program focusing on developing motor skills, fitness, balance and is heaps of fun. All exercises incorporate running, jumping and throwing with the aim of getting them ready for little athletics.

Games include activities such as running and jumping, mini hurdles, hoops, throwing and catching bean bags or playing with the big parachute. The children also get to participate in ‘Athletics’ events such as long jump and a 40m run on the track.

The Tiny Tots session starts at 9.00am each Sunday home meet and runs for approximately 1 hour. Tiny Tots relies on parental involvement, so please make sure at least one parent can be involved in this program each week. There are no times, no places, and no measurements recorded for Tiny Tots.

A Tiny Tots registration number will be provided to the athletes. While uniforms are not mandatory we love to see them wearing their blue shirt. At the end of every season we reward our Tiny Tot participants with a participation medal and look forward to them joining our club again.

If you have any queries you can contact our tiny tots coordinator at tinytots@plymptonflyers.com