Officiating Javelin

For U11 to U17 athletes.

Javelin safety rules:

  • All groups are to be supervised by an adult
  • Do not throw the javelin for the first time unless you have one of the club coaches assisting
  • Carry javelins with the point down and tail up (vertically).
  • When storing javelins at the event the javelins should be placed in the ground in an upright position
  • Be aware that the javelin can be influenced by gusts of wind


  • The javelin must be thrown over the shoulder or upper part of the throwing arm.
  • It must not be slung or hurled.
  • Round arm actions are recorded as fouls.

Javelin Weights:

400g U11 – U14 Girls
 U11 – U12 Boys
500gU15 – U17 Girls
600gU13 – U14 Boys
700gU15 – U17 Boys