Officiating Shot Put

  • The shot must be put from the shoulder with one hand only.
  • At the start of the trial the shot shall touch or be in close proximity to the neck or chin.
  • It shall not be dropped below this position during the action of putting.
  • The shot must not be brought from behind the line of the shoulders.

Additional causes of fouls for Shot Put:

A foul is recorded if the athlete’s hand drops away from the neck during the putting action or if it is put from behind the line of the shoulder or if it is thrown like a ball.

Shot Puts are colour coded for easy selection

1kgblueU6 & U7 Girls & Boys
1.5kgyelowU8 Girls & Boys
2kgorangeU9 to U11 Boys
U9 to U12 Girls
3kgwhiteU12 & U14 Boys
U13 to U17 Girls
4kgredU15 to U16 Boys
5kgblackU17 Boys