Athletics Pathways

Athlete Development Pathway

The Athlete development pathway is simply the range of events, programs, and options available to athletes of different ages as they progress through the sport of athletics. The diagram below provides an overview of the main events and programs that may be available to South Australian athletes wishing to progress through the sport.

It’s very important to note that there is no one single entry pathway into athletics and similarly that athletes do not always follow the pathway as listed. Put simply, whilst the athlete development pathway diagram is provided, it is simply to give an indication of a path an athlete may take. That said, it is highly unlikely that an athlete will progress linearly through the pathway achieving all of the items listed in each step of the pathway. Rather, athletes may only access some (or even none!) of the different events, squads, and programs in the pathway at various stages of their athletics career.

There are many ways for an athlete to reach their full potential and therefore the diagram below is provided for information purposes only.