Every parent starts somewhere in Little Athletics, as a helper, a recorder or as a timekeeper. For most parents starting the thought of officiating an event can be daunting.  At Plympton meets there will be an official, coach or experienced parent who is happy to help new parents understand the basics of each event.

For basic officiating information for each event please click the link you are interested in.


Becoming a Level 0 or 1 Official in an event allows parents to get an understanding of the basic rules of an event and help them understand why a throw or jump is not valid or why an athlete was disqualified.  It is also a great way to demonstrate to their own children that they are interested and supportive of their chosen sport.

U13 and older athletes are able to complete the officiating courses as well.

Level 0

The Level 0 Introductory Officiating General Principles on-line course has been developed to assist officials in learning the basic skills they will need to officiate effectively.

This course is strongly recommended by Little Athletics SA, as a prerequisite before completing the current Level 1 officials course. The course is not athletics specific.

For details, refer to the Little Athletics SA website.

Level 1

Level 1 is the entry level (first athletics specifics level) of the new Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme.

For details, refer to the Little Athletics SA website.