As an affiliated member of Little Athletics SA, the Plympton Flyers LAC is bound by the association’s policies and procedures. The Little Athletics SA guidelines are non-binding but are used to inform our own centre decisions and activities. These may be viewed on the Little Athletics SA website. Further, the club is also bound by the policies and guidelines issued by Little Athletics Australia.

Child Safety

As a member of Little Athletics South Australia, Plympton Flyers Little Athletics Club is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people involved in Little Athletics.

Code of Conduct

Little Athletics South Australia expects all members to comply with the Code of Conduct.

Plympton Flyers Little Athletics Club also expects all its members to comply with the below Code of Conduct.

General Safety

Accidents can happen so observe the following rules:

  • All equipment is only to be used under supervision
  • Stay out of the throwing areas – javelin, discus and shot put
  • Ensure that the running tracks are clear before crossing it
  • No children are to enter the equipment shed unless supervised by an adult
  • Only one athlete has a throwing implement at any one time
  • All competitors stand well behind the athlete about to throw
  • Children must stay out of the canteen and BBQ cooking area
  • Children must not climb or ride on trailers at any time


In the event of injury please go to the registration office where the first aid equipment is kept.

Weather Policy

To protect our Little Athletes from extreme weather conditions, we have adopted a Weather Policy that dictates a modified programme or a meet cancellation.

The Centre weather policy states that if the forecast temperature (on the morning of the meet) exceeds 36 degrees, the meet will be cancelled. If the forecast temperature is 36 degrees or less, the meet will proceed although a reduced program may be offered if the Centre executive feels the conditions warrant this.

Other extreme weather conditions (wind, rain, etc) may lead to the cancellation or reduction of a meet.

Forecasts are taken from the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology website

Cancellations will be posted on the club’s FaceBook page based on the forecast temperature. Notification will usually occur between 8-8:15 am.

Parental Care Policy

All athletes from TT–U14 must have a parent or nominated responsible person in attendance for every meet to enable the athlete to compete.


Sports Injury and Personal Accident Insurance covers all registered athletes and voluntary workers (aged between 3 and 75 years) whilst engaging in centre or association events. An excess and/or Medicare gap may apply to any claim.

Sunsmart Policy

The South Australian Little Athletics Association acknowledges that skin cancer is a major public health problem in Australia with two out of three people requiring treatment for some form of skin cancer in their lifetime. We recognise that skin cancer is preventable and will actively promote, encourage and support sun protection at meetings, training and competitions.

Smoke-Free Policy

Clubs recognise that passive smoking is hazardous to health and that non-smokers should be protected from the involuntary inhalation of tobacco smoke. Accordingly, smoking is prohibited in ALL areas of competition and the clubrooms and their surroundings. This also includes ALL functions organised by the club or association.

Asthma Policy

The South Australian Little Athletics Association recognises the need to educate its members, coaches, trainers, staff and volunteers about Exercise-Induced Asthma and to promote responsible Asthma management strategies. SALAA is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for people with asthma to attend and participate. Asthma management is a shared responsibility of coaches, trainers, athletes, parents, carers, committee and management.

No Dog Policy

No dogs are permitted at the centre on competition days with the only exception being official Guide or Assistance dogs. 

Please notify the committee if you have an assistance animal.